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NABCEP Rebrands Entry Level Exam

Thu, 2016-07-21 11:16

Last Updated: 2017-06-30 01:31

In July 2015, NABCEP announced that it would be changing the name of its Entry Level Program to “NABCEP Associate Program.” Over the following year, very few details about the rebranding came out, so some wondered if the name change would, in fact, occur.

Solar Energy Training Courses: Live vs. Online

Tue, 2016-07-19 10:21

Last Updated: 2017-04-19 09:38

We’re often asked whether we offer online solar energy training courses. We do – our Entry Level Solar PV Training and Solar Design & Sales Training are both self-paced online webinars. Students gain instant access to the online materials and can log in to participate any time 24/7 for a full year.

Practicing Water Conservation at Home: An Interview With Joan Darvish-Rouhani

Thu, 2016-07-14 10:52

Everblue LEED Instructor Joan Darvish-Rouhani sat down with Speakman, a seller of premium shower and bath products, to discuss how and why consumers should practice water conservation at home. Here are the results of their interview.

If you'd like to learn more about water conservation in homes and buildings, you should consider our LEED training program. Visit our What is LEED? page for more information.

Live Sustainability Training: What to Expect

Tue, 2016-07-12 11:01

Last Updated: 2017-07-03 11:14

Do you remember the good ol’ days of actually having a summer BREAK? Man, do I miss that time off. Nowadays, the closest thing to time off – other than an actual vacation – is going to a conference or another work-related event. With these types of opportunities, you’re still technically working, but you get a little break from your daily responsibilities.

This is one of the benefits of live sustainability training.

LEED Jobs: Structural Engineers

Tue, 2016-06-28 12:07

Last Updated: 2017-07-05 01:39

The value that structural engineers bring to LEED certification projects is their expertise in building materials and structural systems with consideration to structural adaptability for future use and alternative uses.

If you want to learn more about LEED now, visit our New to LEED? Start Here! section.

14 Questions You Have About RESNET

Thu, 2016-06-23 15:49

Last Updated: 2017-08-21 1:40

HERS Rater Certification is a viable option for home builders, HVAC technicians, insulation contractors, and others working in the home performance industry. You may be wondering if it's right the career choice for you. Here's a breakdown of our 14 most commonly asked questions regarding RESNET and HERS Rater Certification.

Getting Started: An Introduction

LEED Jobs: Plumbing Contractors

Tue, 2016-06-21 11:07

Plumbing – refers to any system that conveys fluids. Heating and cooling, waste removal, and potable water delivery are among the most common uses for plumbing. Plumbing contractors utilize pipes, valves, plumbing fixtures, tanks, and other apparatuses to convey fluids.

Solar PV Requirements in 5 California Cities

Thu, 2016-06-16 11:10

Last Updated: 2017-04-19 12:48

California has long been known as the leader for solar energy. The state generates well over half of our country’s solar electric capacity, largely due to the sunshine it receives but also the community and governmental support that it receives.

If you want to help meet the demand for qualified solar panel installers, which will inevitably be driven by all this support, visit our Introduction to Solar series.

LEED Jobs: Lighting Designers

Tue, 2016-06-14 09:22

Architectural Lighting Design – a field within architecture, interior design, and electrical engineering that is concerned with the design of lighting systems, including natural light, electric light, or both, to serve human needs.

Everblue to Train Solar Ready Vets

Mon, 2016-06-13 09:52


FTCC and Everblue Partner to Offer Solar Training to Transitioning Military Personnel

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. (June 13, 2016) - The Department of Energy has named Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) the primary training provider of the Solar Ready Vets program at Fort Bragg, a U.S. Army installation in Fayetteville, NC. Everblue, a designated Veteran Owned Small Business, will collaborate with FTCC to offer the solar training portion of the program.