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Register Today for USGBC-Houston’s Mayoral Debate

Thu, 2009-09-24 01:24

TODAY (Tuesday, July 21) IS THE DEADLINE to register for USGBC-Houston’s Mayoral Debate. Join the chapter as the four major contendors for Houston Mayor speak about their views on topics of interest to the commercial real estate market, the economy, green initiatives, transportation, taxes, etc.


The Mayoral Debate is designed to help members and non-members choose the best person to become the next mayor of Houston. Nancy Sims of Pierpont Communications will moderate.


USGBC Accepting Youth Leader Applications

Thu, 2009-09-24 01:21

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), home of the LEED certification system, is accepting applications for the 2009 USGBC Young Leader Awards. The awards are open to teens and young adults between the ages of 13 and 25 that have led sustainable changes in their schools and communities.

LEED and Renewable Energy Tax Incentives

Thu, 2009-09-24 01:20

LEED-certified buildings are typically entitled to substantial tax benefits, and tax professionals should recognize LEED building proposals as tax planning opportunities.

The following two web sites are both great resources for finding out what tax incentives are available in different areas for LEED and renewable energy. 

LEED Terms and Acronyms

Thu, 2009-09-24 01:14

Many people get confused by the various LEED terms. Here is a listing of some of the organizations and acronyms.

Organizations and Agencies:

AIA American Institute of Architects

ANSI American National Standards Institute

ASHRAE American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-conditioning Engineers, Inc.

ASTM American Society for Testing Materials

AWEA American Wind Energy Association

Public LEED CIRs Are No More

Thu, 2009-09-24 01:09

Until now, LEED project applicants seeking technical and administrative guidance on how LEED credits apply to their projects could find guidelines by searching existing credit interpretation rulings (CIRs).

Laws, Mandates, and Ordinances Requiring LEED

Thu, 2009-09-24 01:07

LEED is a voluntary rating system, just as the USGBC is an agency independent of the federal government. Federal initiatives, however, are underway to require LEED certification of buildings. Most regulations requiring LEED are currently at the local level.

Please note that this post is from 2009. We've published a 2015 update to this post. Please see the new article about Cities Requiring or Supporting LEED.

An Environmental Look Back on New York

Thu, 2009-09-24 01:06

Did you know that Hoboken was originally an Island separated from the NJ mainland? Did you know that the first European settlers in the NY area had trouble landing their ships in Manhattan because there were too many whales in the Hudson River?

Applications Available for LEED AP ID&C and LEED AP BC&C Exams

Thu, 2009-09-24 01:05

The LEED AP Interior Design + Construction and LEED AP Building Design + Construction exams will be available on September 15, 2009. Applications for these exams are now open.


You Know It’s Time to Take the LEED AP Exam When…

Thu, 2009-09-24 01:04

Check out what these posters on the ARE Forum are saying!


You know it’s time to take the LEED AP exam when…

Last Day of LEED NC v2.2

Thu, 2009-09-24 01:03

Today is the last day of LEED v2.2, so there are 5-10,000 people taking the LEED Exam today. We’ve been watching the last-minute chatter on the ARE Forum, a resource for the learning community on the web with active users comprised of both practitioners in architecture and academics involved in research and teaching. Traffic on the forum has jumped from about 26 users at any one time to 160 last night, as people crammed for the exam.


The leader of the pack appears to be chaznsc. Chaz wrote the following after learning about his LEED AP passage:

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