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Earth Day 2013: 5 Champions of Green Business

Mon, 2013-04-22 07:44

Earth Day began April 22, 1970 as a day to promote a healthy, sustainable environment around the world. Specifically, it served as a way to highlight the potential environmental problems America’s current lifestyle created. Now, in 2013, Earth Day can seem to be nothing more than a hay day for marketing departments. You see campaigns that highlight the “numerous” sustainable practices of their company.

The Road to Success with Larry Zarker

Fri, 2012-08-31 10:30

The Building Performance Institute is the nation's premier organization for residential energy efficiency certification. I had the opportunity to interview the CEO, Larry Zarker, who shared his road to success along with useful advice for individuals interested in a BPI certification:

Q: You were the Vice President of Marketing for the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) for 20 years. How did that experience prepare you for your role as CEO at BPI?

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