5 Reasons to Opt Into LEED Credential Maintenance

Thu, 2010-03-04 16:52

Here are the top 5 reasons that I opted into GBCI's new LEED CMP program to earn a LEED AP BD+C:

1.  I have some learning opportunities this month, participating in a webinar and attending a LEED ND conference here in Long Island, and I know that you don't get credit for any of those things unless you are already enrolled. I did not want to let these opportunities pass me by.

2.  As a LEED instructor, I want to know the process to help inform my recommendation to students. I always find it a good idea to know "what it's really like" to do anything through the GBCI. In order to do this, I called and had a couple of questions. Believe it or not, I waited less than 3 minutes, and the person on the other end was very knowledgeable and helped me with a couple of things.

3.  I think it will be helpful to understand how to report LEED CMP hours, and whether it's easy or not, now that our students are moving on to earn a specialty.

4.  I definitely do not want to take the LEED AP BD+C exam. If I earn another credential, I think it will be in ND - very similar to the Main Street movement, anyway that's my goal.

5.  There's nothing to lose; if I ever fall off the wagon, I can always revert back to being a LEED AP. My contact at GBCI, Gina, also told me that "they will never take that away from you". Gosh, that sounds like a Cole Porter tune, "Can't take that away from me...." (one of my favorites). If you register for my next class, maybe I'll sing it for you.

Cheers, and I hope to have you in a LEED CMP class soon!