5 Reasons Why Sustainability is Sustainable

Wed, 2012-03-21 10:29

Sustainability, one of the more prominent headlines in the news recently, has created much debate in the United States. Rising energy costs and depleting natural resources have caused many Americans to question our energy future. While many people agree that sustainability is a necessary element to combat the energy gap, there still remains strong dissention and skepticism about its viability and importance. As renewable energy usage is increasing, resulting from diminishing resources, sustainability is becoming more important, especially in terms of business operations. Below are five reasons why sustainability is here to stay: 

  1. A Globalized Supply Chain: Globalization has propelled the need for sustainable business operations, in order to drive competitiveness in the globalized market. Companies are now perceiving sustainable practices in the supply chains as paramount to both successful business operations and environmental management. Transportation and waste management, for example, are significant supply chain costs, that can be reduced through a focus on sustainability. As business operations continue to become more sustainable to remain competitive, it will be difficult to ignore the importance of sustainability.
  2. Competitive Access to Natural Resources: The industrialization of China and India has propelled the need for more natural resources, such as oil and coal, leading to an increase in renewable energy sources. Increased prices due to decreasing supply have caused businesses to find alternative means of energy, without the need for natural resources. Adoption rates for renewable energy sources such as wind and solar have substantially increased, driving both sustainable development and environmental management. As economic reliance on natural resources decreases through the use of renewable energy, companies can ultimately produce environmentally friendly products while increasing profit margins.
  3. Commercial Appeal: Looking at the recent change in how companies are promoting themselves, it is apparent that sustainability is the new driving force for businesses to attract customers. Market research has shown that companies that engage in sustainability are more likely to increase brand loyalty. People want to see that the money they spend on a product goes towards a sustainable business that cares about its ecological footprint. Given the importance of maintaining brand loyalty, you won’t see these companies becoming a less sustainable business.
  4. Government Pressures: Government regulations on sustainable development has substantially accelerated sustainable business operations . Regulations to decrease both ecological footprint and pollution output has greatly accelerated both corporate responsbility and business operations. The influence of government policy, therefore, cements sustainability as a staple of business and increases its staying power.
  5. Growth of Innovation: Over the past decade, the growth of innovation in the technology field has largely impacted both the consumer and business world. The same holds true for the sustainability industry. With the adoption of new technologies to improve energy efficiency and renewable energy, individuals as well as businesses have benefitted greatly from cost-saving alternatives and a better way of life. With technology continually evolving and an ever-increasing desire for sustainability, there is little doubt that the industry will remain viable and will continue to grow in the future.

Looking at these five elements, it is clear that sustainability will play a strong part in our energy future. The old ways of generating business, garnering consumer appeal, and driving innovation are rapidly changing to address the current energy gap. Despite dissent from various group that it is merely a fad, there is countless evidence to suggest that sustainability is what our country needs to continue meeting our future energy demands.

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By Peter J. Bock

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