America, China, and Energy Security

Last Updated:
Fri, 2018-04-20 11:14

Simply amazing. That’s how I would describe US Energy Policy. We’re paranoid about national security and the health of our economy, yet we are doing nothing serious to address our biggest security and economic threat – foreign energy imports!

Who hasn’t seen the news lately with middle eastern distractors and autocracies falling one after another? Have you also noticed the price of gas? It’s $3.44/gallon here in Charlotte. So now we have more instability in the middle east along with higher inflation at home as gas prices approach their 2008 peak!

So what is to be done. Here are Everblue we work tireless to expand the knowledge of green building, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. While the clean energy industry has grown phenomenally, we are nowhere near the coordinated unified national effort that will be required to truly free US from foreign oil. This is now about both security and the economy (inflation). Let’s get to it.

If you think can’t do it, check out today’s New York Times article on China’s Five Year Plan to Save Energy. They are very serious about their energy goals. Here’s their reasoning:

“Bejing’s emphasis on saving energy reflects concerns about national security and the effects of high fuel costs on inflation, China’s export competitiveness and the country’s pollution problems.”

We could easily replace China with the United States in that mission statement! Instead, we are letting them take the leadership position in the renewable energy space.

What is to be done? You can help, if you are reading this. Get educated, get involved, and let’s get serious about our energy policy.