BPI Program Changes in 2012

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Mon, 2017-01-16 16:24

If you read our post on BPI Certifications Closer to ANSI Accreditation, then you are probably aware that the Building Performance Institute (BPI) will be inititating operational changes starting February 1, 2012, in an attempt to meet the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirements. BPI staff announced their organizational changes in a nationwide webinar to all of its training affiliates. In short, Everblue will be implementing a number of changes to its BPI training programs in response to BPI’s ANSI Accreditation. We wanted to discuss these changes with you below.

To put it simply, starting February 1, the following changes will be made to our BPI training courses, as mandated by the Building Performance Institute:

All BPI Exams Fees Will Increase

BPI will be posting new pricing for field exams and for written exams. This is a BPI suggested price (not fixed) and one that BPI would charge to the public.

Mixed in with ANSI Accreditation are the following factors that contributed to BPI’s decision to raise and standardize testing fees: sponsorship from the Department of Energy pertaining to BPI standards; alignment of federal, state, and municipal standards with BPI standards; and a more rigorous testing procedure in the form of videotaping.

All BPI Training Programs Will Increase by $350

The tuition for all BPI training programs is increasing to accommodate the new operational changes that will affect Everblue’s ability to deliver quality training to the masses. The following factors have led us to make this decision: the cost of the video equipment (camera and SD cards), the shipping of the video equipment to BPI (SD cards will not be returned to Everblue, nor will they be reused), and the separation of classroom training instructor and field proctor (ie, having to send and pay two instructors for each class). All training affiliates will be faced with these new expenditures, and therefore, all training affiliates will have to raise the cost of their BPI courses to reach a profit in the end.

All BPI Exams Will Be Recorded

Lastly, all field exams will be videotaped. Currently, our BPI certified instructors proctor student field exams at a real house and send the test results to BPI via a checklist. After Feb. 1, instructors will videotape your field exam and will be required to submit this video to BPI for quality assurance and auditory purposes. This will certainly add more value to one’s BPI Certification, as it will (like the other changes) standardize the level of knowledge among candidates nationwide. Similarly, ANSI Accreditation is a nationally recognized accreditation body, so it further bolsters the influence that a BPI Certification would already offer. If you get nervous before a video camera and prefer an intimate testing experience, register for Everblue's BPI training before the process changes, and you’ll be grandfathered in under the current testing process.

The 2012 changes will apply to the following BPI courses: Building Analyst, Envelope, Multi-family Building Analyst, Heating Professional, Insulation & Airsealing Technician, and AC/Heat Pump Professional. If you've been waiting for the right time to become BPI Certified, that time is now! Get a jumpstart on your New Year's Resolution, and register for Everblue's BPI training before we implement the new changes.

Sign up for any Everblue BPI training course occurring before February 1, 2012 to be included in the current BPI operational processes. Save money around the holidays, and register now! For more information, please visit our Important BPI 2012 changes page. We’ll also be hosting two webinars before the end of the year to further discuss these changes and to answer any questions you may have. 

By Peter J. Bock

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