Celebrating Sustainability in Charlotte on Earth Day

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Thu, 2014-07-31 16:56

We’ve had an exciting month here in Charlotte. First, we were invited to help the Sandy Ridge Elementary School staff introduce its students to renewable energy in honor of Earth Day. Then, Everblue’s VP of Operations and Administration, Vince DiFrancesco, was nominated for a top Educator award at the Sustain Charlotte Awards.

Earth Day at Sandy Ridge Elementary School

Every student dreams of the day when a classroom becomes something more than simply reading and writing; at Sandy Ridge Elementary, that day is Earth Day.

Sandy Ridge students spent the day visiting different stations geared toward benefitting the planet. Students planted flowers, learned about the ecosystem, and became aware of renewable energy sources.

Everblue staff were honored to return to Sandy Ridge Elementary this year and maintain our station dedicated to introducing students to renewable energy. Students had the opportunity to see what a miniature solar panel looked like and how one is used to power a fan, light bulb, and music box.

The kids were so excited to learn about how the world works and ways they can help the planet thrive. Learning this information now challenges them to find ways they can implement the knowledge into their everyday lives. Making a difference now could very well lead to making a difference in the years to come.

Everblue thanks Sandy Ridge for the unforgettable opportunity, and we look forward to returning next year for a day of learning and fun.

Sustain Charlotte Third Annual Awards

Several Everblue representatives attended the Community Sustainability Awards and Earth Day Celebration hosted by Sustain Charlotte. Sustain Charlotte is a local nonprofit organization that aims to inspire choices that lead to a healthier and more vibrant community.

The event took place at the UNC Charlotte City Center, which is a LEED Silver-certified building, and kicked off with a reception before the actual awards ceremony. There were 11 categories, two of which were devoted to honoring individuals who have made a difference in the community. Everblue’s Vince DiFrancesco was among nine candidates for the Outstanding Educator award. Vince was grateful to be considered among the likes of Cindy Moss, who received this award. Moss is the Director of Global STEM initiatives for Discovery Education and is responsible for supporting school districts in their work to develop and deploy student initiatives to drive science, technology, engineering, and math achievement nationwide. Congratulations, Cindy!

We were excited that our friends at NC Sustainable Energy Association won the Energy award for the Organizations side of the house. Other categories for organizations included Air Quality, Food, Land Use, Social Equity, Sustainable Economy, Transportation, Waste Reduction, and Water. Check out Sustain Charlotte’s listing of winners to learn more.

Photos from Sustain Charlotte's Earth Day Awards Ceremony

For full coverage of Earth Day at Sandy Ridge Elementary and the Sustain Charlotte Awards events, please visit our Community Outreach album on Pinterest. We hope you all had a wonderful Earth Day 2014!

By Darren Hummel