Call to Action TODAY for Home Star

Wed, 2010-03-10 14:45

The National Save Energy Coalition put out this call to action for Home Star today.  Read below for updates on the Home Star program as it works it's way through Congress.  If you have time, your support would be appreciated.  


1. Goal: 500 Calls to Senators for Home Star!

2. House and Senate Home Star Hearings

3. Kerry, Graham, Lieberman Prepare for Bill Introduction


1. 500 Calls for Home Star by Friday – The National SAVE Energy Coalition, in conjunction with BPI, RESNET, and Efficiency First, is launching a targeted campaign to generate at least 500 calls (or emails) to Senate offices through Friday. Over the next three days, the attention of both Senate and House will be firmly devoted to Home Star, as each chamber has a hearing to discuss the proposal (see #2 for more). Therefore, now is a decisive time to contact your Senators and your comments will be especially welcomed. It is really unclear how fast the bill will move after these hearings, so I encourage you to make contact as soon as possible. With the first jobs bill now passed by both Senate and House, more jobs creating legislation (i.e. Home Star) has a bright future. Thanks to the hundreds who have already called/emailed before. I encourage you to call again. You’ll deepen your connection to the office and show you are a valuable, committed, and active constituent.

Step 1: Contact – see state-specific contact info, talking points, email messages, and fax forms at Calls are most effective.

Step 2: Report – send an email to with subject line “I [Called or Emailed] Senator [XX] and Senator [YY]”. In the body of the email, feel free to include any important comments you learned after speaking with them. Tracking our collective impact is hugely important, and we want to be able to report back to all of you on how successful we are. Please take the extra minute to send this important email to register your impact. 

2. Hearings on Home Star – Momentum is building in DC for Home Star! The Senate has scheduled a hearing to discuss Home Star tomorrow at 10 AM in the Energy and Natural Resources Hearing Room (SD-366). You are welcome to watch a live broadcast from the ENR Committee’s website here. Witnesses testifying include, Catherine Zoi, assistant secretary of energy efficiency and renewable energy, DOE; Larry Laseter, president, Masco Home Services; Terrence Mierzwa, executive manager of marketing, efficiency and research, Consumers Energy; and Phil Giudice, commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Energy. The House Sub Committee on Energy and the Environment is also having a hearing on Home Star on Friday at 9:30 AM. It is held in room 2123 of Rayburn House and will likely be broadcast live from their website here. For more info on the hearings, see our Resource page. 

3. Kerry, Graham, Lieberman Prepare for Bill Introduction – On Monday, Senator Kerry held a briefing with utility companies to discuss his joint proposal for carbon regulation, ahead of the release of a draft bill. Without a bill, Senator Kerry did not go into detail; rather he focused on building support for the bill’s general concept. The Senate has such narrow window of time when a bill could pass this year – before election season or after elections in lame-duck period – that Senators Kerry, Graham, and Lieberman want to have as much support as possible lined up when they release legislation. The three Senators have also engaged the CEO of the US Chamber of Commerce, a vehement critic of their original legislation in fall of 2009. In the briefing, Senator Kerry labeled the upcoming bill as anything but a climate bill – a jobs bill, a national security bill, a clean air bill, an energy independence bill. Of course, it will still be a climate bill, but it will bring huge benefits for jobs, national security, clean air, etc, and these brands will likely be the best way to sell the package.