Call Today! Home Star Vote on Thursday

Thu, 2010-05-06 08:16

From The National Save Energy Coalition:

The House will vote on their Home Star bill (H.R. 5019) this Thursday, May 6, and we need your help to ensure its passage. Significant bi-partisan support for Home Star in the House is crucial to prove to the Senate that there is massive support behind Home Star and that they must move quickly to pass it. We need you to call your Representatives today (Democrat AND Republican) – urge them to vote for the Home Star bill H.R. 5019! Thanks to all who’ve made a call/email before. This is it for the House, so I encourage you to take action once more!

1. Contact Info: Go to Enter your zip code in the "Find Your Representative" search form at the upper left corner of the page, and click "Go."

2. Talking Points: First introduce yourself and your business, and ask to speak with the person that advises the Rep. on energy policy. Once connected, reintroduce yourself and deliver the message:

• The House will vote on the Home Star bill, H.R. 5019, Thursday May 6, and I ask for Rep. ______’s support

• Home Star is a bi-partisan jobs bill and will creates thousands of good-paying jobs to help put American contractors back to work retrofitting homes

• Home Star will help lower household energy costs for millions of Americans through lower cost access to energy saving retrofits 

• Like Rep. _________, I am concerned how we pay for Home Star; however, the vote on Thursday does NOT fund the program. Rather it authorizes its existence and Reps will be able determine if and how it will be paid for later. 

• We cannot delay passage of this crucial bill. Home Star means jobs for my business, family, and community!

3. Track Your Impact: We will report to House leadership and key members on the number of contacts we’ve made. Please send an email with subject “I Called Rep. ____” to