Comic Creator Builds Green Home

Mon, 2010-09-20 09:41

As more people become aware of the benefits to the environment by taking small steps to improving the energy efficiency of a home, more individuals are attempting to build what are referred to as "Green Homes." A green home is a home that uses less energy, water, and natural resources; creates less waste; and is healthier for the people living inside.

Scott Adams, Dilbert comic strip creatorScott Adams is the creator of several nonfiction works of satire, most commonly known and most popular is the Dilbert comic strip. Scott recently highlighted the difficulties for many people out there interested in, and attempting, to build a green home.

In Scott's experience, he found that many architects had difficulty designing a home using a different range of materials that a local planning commission may not be used to. Also, builders may be hesitant to work with, or may find difficulty pricing, these new materials for the new green home, assuming it’s approved by the local municipality.

Scott also found that the greener his home became, that more design details would need to be dictated by efficiency. For example, in a sunny climate, a white roof reflects the most sun; fewer windows is better; and that a pebble lawn wastes less water than grass.

All in all, Scott was able to find a humorous balance to joining this community of "early adopters" and highlighted some of the hurdles and mistakes to avoid for potential home builders.

To read the article Scott Adams wrote for The Wall Street Journal, click here.