Corporate Sustainability Manager- Week 4 Review

Wed, 2012-01-04 17:13

We started our final week discussing what was going to be on the test. Some key takeaways included being able to know about the gri standards and what they mean as well as having an understanding into the what greenhouse gases are and their impact on the environment. As of this posting, 10% of the exam are technical questions. It was suggested that we know environmental indicators at a high level.

Jon Boggiano, one of Everblue founders and our instructors, then began a discussion about the U.S. Green Building Council. He talked about their mission and the successful adoption of the different LEED Certification programs. An interesting takeaway was that unlike some of the other building certifications available, LEED takes whole building approach.

Jon also discussed the history of the Energy Star program and the importance of eco-labels. He mentioned that eco-labels are good benchmarks but you have to be aware of how rigorous the eco-label is. A thorough comparison of a company’s social responsibility versus their environmental responsibility was conducted. The main learning from this exercise was that it’s important for the company to be clear about what each of these viewpoints means to them and then identifying sustainability programs that achieve the desired goals.

An interesting point that I wanted to highlight was the idea of the different levels of transparency that companies are willing to commit to. Some companies, UPS and Apple, are very transparent in their sustainability initiatives. While others tell less of a story because of the confidential nature that some of their business practices have.

Ben Lack, The Daily Energy Report


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