The Difference Between Everblue and BPI

Wed, 2012-02-29 09:13

Welcome to the corporate blog for Everblue! Everblue is the nation’s leading sustainability education and green jobs training provider. We offer training courses that benefit construction and building professionals, providing them with the skill sets that make them a valuable asset to the sustainability and green building industries. Our courses prepare students for certification exams on the following topics: LEED Accreditation, BPI Certification, RESNET Certification, NATE Certification, Solar, and Corporate Sustainability.

If you are working in the residential energy efficiency industry, you may have heard about the Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certification, and you may be wondering what Everblue’s role is in helping you achieve this prestigious credential. Everblue is a training provider and a testing center for BPI.

BPI is a non-profit organization based in New York that creates the standards by which certified home energy auditors conduct their work. The BPI Technical Standards create a set of guidelines and values for creating a healthy and energy efficient home. Certified professionals perform home energy audits using the “house-as-a-system” mentality to find ways that homeowners can lower their energy bills and improve indoor air quality inside the home.

There are a number of independent training organizations (like Everblue) across the country. At Everblue, we have created a comprehensive energy efficiency curriculum that introduces students to the principles of energy, heat transfer, occupational safety, and home energy efficiency. We provide our BPI training courses in 94 cities nationwide. Each course includes classroom training, field training at a nearby residence, written testing, and field testing.

Everblue submits student testing documents to BPI staff, who then evaluate and confirm a candidate’s competency in the subject matter. The staff at BPI ultimately award certification to the candidates who have demonstrated proficiency in both theory and practical hands-on interactions. Students who have passed the exams should receive a packet in the mail 2-3 weeks following their Everblue training course. This packet will include a congratulatory message, an official certificate from BPI, and an official identification badge with the individual’s photo on it.

BPI Certification gives residential energy efficiency professionals an opportunity to increase their market value. Because their health and safety are in question, homeowners are more likely to hire individuals who hold industry certifications to perform work around the house. Certified professionals have an edge on the market and can use their BPI credential on their website, resume, email signature, business card, and other marketing materials. This respected certification signifies an enhanced knowledge of the energy efficiency industry and raises the bar for professionals who want to be a part of this industry.

Everblue is proud to be offering training courses relating to BPI Certification. We are excited to be helping individuals further their careers with industry certifications, and we especially value the comfort, health, and savings of our friends and neighbors in their homes. For more information about BPI Certification, please watch the video below and visit Everblue’s BPI Building Analyst training page.


By Lesley Cowie

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