East Coast Wind Energy

Mon, 2013-02-11 09:38

Over the past decade, there have been copious amounts of research done in the environmental field on offshore wind farms and the viability of having them off the coast of the eastern part of the U.S. Much of the research has been optimistic toward the access of this renewable energy source off our coasts, yet legislation and lack of any real action has held up any proposed projects. Recently, however, news has developed out of North Carolina. On January 22, Republican Gov. Pat McCrory voiced his opinion in a letter written to the U.S Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.

Recent Findings

This Federal Bureau oversees ocean leasing for the development of offshore wind farms and has recently said that it would accept proposals in 2013 from potential wind developers to gauge interest in the advancement of offshore projects. The Bureau also announced last month that there is approximately 1,900 square miles of Atlantic Ocean that is available for offshore wind farm development. The recent development by the Bureau is what sparked Gov. McCrory to write his letter to the department.

In his letter he wrote that, “This is an important step to develop North Carolina’s world-class wind energy resources” and that the “development of commercial wind farms off North Carolina’s coast could stimulate factory development in the state to provide necessary equipment and bring jobs in that sector.” For the newly established Governor, who focused his campaign on offshore and onshore drilling, this letter is receiving a much-welcomed pivot in policy ideology from environmental advocates in the state.

Looking Ahead

With the growing viability and interest in wind energy in the U.S, it is only a matter of time until we see a wind farm on the East Coast. We will continue to see growth in the wind industry on the coast not only because it is viable and good for each state economy, but because it brings our nation towards a greater energy independence. If you’re looking to learn more about the wind energy industry and its exponentially growing field, consider taking Everblue’s introductory Basics of Wind course, which is currently priced at $99 and provides the basis for career-related aspirations. For more information, call us at 800-460-2575 or send an email to info@everblue.edu.

By Nick McAndrew

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