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Fri, 2013-11-08 09:49

What is a blog? What’s the point of reading and writing blogs? Why does a blog matter? What should a blog be able to accomplish? These are just some of the questions Everblue addressed when planning and designing the continually evolving blog that recently won a Platinum MarCom Award.

MarCom Platinum Winner logoThe MarCom Awards are administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals (AMCP). The international awards competition brings together a wide range of creative professionals with varying experience and backgrounds. This year, over 6,500 participants competed in over 200 categories. Everblue is proud to be among those receiving the organization’s top honor, a Platinum Award, in the Web Elements-Blog category. The award recognizes Everblue’s blog, and its team of contributors, for outstanding creative achievement.


The Formula

Ask any of Everblue’s authors what the purpose of the Everblue blog is, and you’ll find it serves many purposes. It’s about education, collaboration, outreach, interaction, awareness, connections, resources, community, news, conversation, and even entertainment. All of these goals are achieved through team collaboration around market research, various kinds of media, and a carefully planned editorial calendar to address industry relevant topics. Strategic integration of social media tools expands outreach and provides easy-to-use platforms for interaction with the audience.

Peter Bock is one of Everblue’s blog authors. “The great thing about our blog is its versatility. It’s focused without being exclusionary,” Bock says. “It has a wide appeal that can be attributed to the varying backgrounds, expertise, interests, and creative talents of our blog authors.”

Behind the Bylines

Peter Bock photo Peter is an award-winning Marketing Analyst with an interest in sustainability topics, how-to guides, and industry-related developments. With two LEED AP designations, dual BPI certifications, and a sustainability manager certificate, Peter provides insight into a variety of areas including green building, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainability management. To see what Peter has been writing about, check out his blog profile (Peter@Everblue's blog).

Nick McAndrew photoNick started working with Everblue as a marketing intern, and recently came on staff full time as a sales representative. He enjoys blogging about the green initiatives in everyday companies and organizations. He is extremely interested in the “greening” of professional sports teams and their associations. In his free time, Nick enjoys surfing, hiking, and listening to his vinyl record player. To read Nick’s blogs, please visit his blog profile (NickMcAndrew@everblue's blog).

Danielle Whitman photoDanielle is a recent Elon University graduate with a degree in Environmental Studies. Her favorite blog topics include energy efficiency tips, green design, and DIY reuse craft projects. She is especially interested in how various companies are integrating sustainability into their business model. Outside of work, Danielle enjoys reading and spending time outdoors. To check out more of Danielle’s blogs, please visit her blog profile (DanielleW@everblue's blog).

Lesley Cowie photoLesley graduated from Elon University with a bachelor's degree in Journalism. She started working with Everblue in June 2009 with the primary responsibility of writing blogs that help raise awareness of Everblue's training and the relevance of its topics to professional development. Lesley commonly blogs about current industry events that directly affect Everblue's exam prep courses and certifications. For a full listing of Lesley's blogs, please visit her blog profile (LesleyC@Everblue's blog).

Amy Malloy photoAmy is a Marketing Analyst for Everblue and lives in the San Francisco Bay area. She is intrigued by innovative efforts within communities, local governments, and corporations that are contributing to a healthier planet and economy. She also likes the challenge of simplifying complicated industry-related topics to allow for discussion among a wider audience. To read more from Amy, check out her blog profile (Amy@Everblue's blog).

Visit Everblue’s blog, and join us on social media. Learn. Discuss. Share. Contribute. Engage. Enjoy!

 By Amy Malloy


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