Everblue's Movie Guide to Sustainability Part 2

Fri, 2013-02-22 09:48

I was recently able to attend a movie viewing of the documentary “Switch.” The focus of this film was to highlight all of our current and future viable fuel sources; the narrator discussed the pros and cons of each of these fuels. The overarching goal of this film was to figure out how and when we as a species will make the transition, or “switch,” from fossil fuels as our primary fuel sources to clean and renewable energy. The movie was a great tool in breaking down the debate between fossil fuels and renewable energy, and I recommend everyone see it.

In the spirit of seeing this great film, I decided it was about time to develop a sequel to Everblue's Movie Guide to Sustainability

Switch – A documentary discussing all of our most viable fuel sources and what role each will play as we transition away from fossil fuels.

Directed by Harry Lynch.

Chasing Ice – A documentary about the quickly melting glacier in Iceland and how it’s happening at an exponential rate.

Directed by Jeff Orlowski.

The Age of Stupid – A film set in the future, attempting to predict how climate change might change the way we live our lives.

Directed by Franny Armstrong.

Addicted to Plastic – A film discussing the world’s addiction to plastic and the environmental and social implications of that addiction.

Directed by Ian Connacher.

The Lorax – If you’re interested in educating your children on the great topic, check out the movie The Lorax. It discusses the importance of the environment and why everyone should do their part to make it better.

Directed By Kyle Balda.

By Matt Morrison

By Peter J. Bock

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