Excerpted Interview with GBCI Vice President of Credentialing, Beth Holst

Thu, 2009-09-24 00:17

It’s amazing how seemingly disorganized that the USGBC and the GBCI sites are in terms of finding useful information quickly. I came across this interview today and thought that it was informative enough to repost here, as it talks about the LEED Green Associate credentialing process. We expect a flurry of information to come out after April 1st regarding the Green Associate Exam. Right now it seems that the GBCI is just trying to stay on top of the last-minute LEED Exam registration surge that’s occurring before the March 31st deadline.

LEED Green Associate Credential for Students, Faculty and Staff 

U.S. Green Building Council: Beth, you were brought in to strategically lead the Green Building Certification Institute through the next iteration of the LEED AP credentialing system. Can you speak about your experience thus far and the upcoming changes to the credentialing system?

Beth Holst: On the heels of my first year with GBCI, I find myself floored by the successes of 2008 and astounded by the things still to come in 2009. GBCI continues to grow and scale to meet the needs of the green building industry, which has led to the unveiling of a new three-pronged credentialing system: the LEED Green Associate, the LEED AP and the LEED AP Fellow.

USGBC: Of the three credentials, which makes the most sense for college and university students, faculty and staff to pursue?

Beth: The LEED Green Associate credential offers distinction for those on the road to careers in implementing the processes and principles of LEED who are looking to establish basic green building knowledge. In addition to students and faculty, this credential is ideal for marketers, manufacturers, program managers and anyone who has ever wanted to learn enough to know what LEED is and why it is important without actually needing to know the technical details related to its implementation. The LEED AP credential is appropriate for practitioners actively working on LEED projects. The distinction of LEED Fellow will be reserved for professionals who have demonstrated a great depth of work in green building.

USGBC: What does the LEED Green Associate exam cover and how does it compare to the existing LEED AP exam?

Beth: The exam for the LEED Green Associate credential focuses on information that is consistent and present across all of the LEED specialties. While we have changed the exam to better reflect the knowledge found within the new LEED 2009 rating systems, it is still similar in principle and length to the existing LEED AP exam. The advantage is that we think it better tests a candidate’s general knowledge of good environmental practice and his or her understanding of green design, construction and operations.

USGBC: How soon will the LEED Green Associate exam be available?

Beth: We are currently conducting beta testing for the new exam with anticipated launch scheduled for May of this year. More information may be found at www.gbci.org.

USGBC: Beth, thank you so much for the update.

Beth: My pleasure!