Final Push in House for Home Star

Thu, 2010-05-06 08:20

From the National Save Energy Coalition:

1. Home Star – Call Your Rep Today! One day remains before the House votes on their version of Home Star legislation, H.R. 5019. Significant bi-partisan support for Home Star in the House is crucial to prove to the Senate that there is massive support behind Home Star and that they must move quickly to pass it. We need you to call your Representatives today (Democrat AND Republican) – urge them to vote for the Home Star bill H.R. 5019! Thanks to all who’ve made a call/email already. This is it for the House, so I encourage you to take action once more! See attached for Talking Points and contact info. Also please remember to report your action - Please send an email with subject “I Called Rep. ____” to 

2. National Press for Home Star – Check out today’s USA Today’s feature story on Home Star here. Congressmen/women are sure to see this article ahead of Thursday’s vote; however, we still need your help to ensure its passage! See #1 for how you can get involved. 

3. Home Star Rally Upcoming – The Senate is planning a press conference sometime next week. The goal is to show massive, in-person support for Home Star. That date and time have not yet been set, but if you are interested in attending or learning more as details arise, please email 

4. Oil Spill Sends Mixed Signals for Climate Bill – The massive, on-going oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has generated divergent predictions from Senators regarding the passage of comprehensive climate and energy legislation. Senate Majority leader Reid (D-NV) is optimistic, and thinks that the spill will encourage more Senators to embrace alternative energy. Senator Menendez (D-NJ) agrees, “I would like to think that instead of hurting climate change [legislation], the spill has actually thrust it into light why we, in fact, are demanding an end to dependence on fossil fuels, demand that we stop polluting our planet.” On the other hand, the climate legislation authored by Senators Kerry (D-MA), Graham (R-SC), and Lieberman (I-CT) was expected to offer expanded offshore drilling opportunities as a concession to earn additional votes. That incentive has likely lost much of its significance, as many coastal Senators vehemently urge a ban to new offshore drilling. Says Senator Nelson (D-FL), “If offshore drilling off of the coast of the continental United States is part of [a climate and energy bill], this legislation is not going anywhere.”  Nevertheless, Senator Lieberman maintained recently that offshore drilling will remain in the legislation, and he stressed an option that allows states to ban drilling within 75 miles off their coastline. It remains to be seen what net impact the oil spill will have on climate and energy legislation. In the meantime, the EPA has received a copy of the climate legislation and has begun their 6-week analysis.

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