Follow Up - New York's Energy Shortage Post

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Wed, 2014-09-03 10:08
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Sat, 2011-10-29 23:06

As a follow up to our prior post about the Energy challenges that New York will face if they close the Indian Point Nuclear Reactor, I would like to post some ideas on how they can replace Indian Point with Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

Reduce Electric Demand Through Energy Efficiency & Energy Audits
1 - Immediately raise building code standards:
     A. For new buildings require 40% improvement in energy efficiency (let's stop making the problem worse).
     B. For existing buildings require significant energy improvements with every renovation akin to the California title 24 requirements.
2 – Require Energy Audits at the time of sale so that Home Buyers are aware of their new homes energy usage and more likely to invest in energy retrofits.
3 - Regionally work to incentivize home owners to have an energy retrofit done on their homes.
4 - Implement regional planning priorities that reduce heat loads across the region. For example: shade parking lots, install cool roofs, install garden roofs, replace asphalt, etc.

Generate New Renewable Energy
1 - For new homes and buildings require some form of onsite renewable energy generation.  Solar is estimated to be 30% cheaper to install on new construction that on a retrofit. This is extremely cost effective and national home builders are already starting to include solar as a standard feature.
2  - Install utility scale wind farms in the mountains of NY or off the coast of NY or NJ.
3 – Incentivize home and business owners to install renewable energy projects.

What are your thoughts?