GI Bill Reimbursement for BPI Exams

Thu, 2012-02-09 10:16

Everblue is excited to announce GI Bill payment for BPI certification exams.

The regional Veterans Affairs bureau has approved GI Bill reimbursement for veterans who have completed a BPI certification exam, or who plan to take an exam this year. The skills attained through service, including technical skills and commitment to quality, are highly valued in the home performance industry. BPI certifications offer numerous benefits to veterans, including:

  • Valued Credentials – BPI certifications are nationally recognized
  • Job Security – The home performance industry is growing to meet the demand of 300 million Americans who are seeking to improve energy efficiency
  • Networking – A strong alliance of organizations working for you
  • Community Support – The energy efficiency industry benefits from community organizations and state and federal programs

A career in the home performance industry builds upon skills attained in a variety of fields, and prior experience in the industry is not required.

BPI energy auditors utilize building science principles to increase the safety and comfort of a home and maximize energy savings. BPI professionals work in a variety of specializations including insulation, heating and cooling, remodeling, construction, and utility programs.

To learn more about GI Bill reimbursement for BPI certification exams, please visit the Building Performance Institute's website.

By Peter J. Bock

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