Green Job Opening Remains Unfilled

Fri, 2010-06-25 15:41

Update: The following position is no longer available.

Would you believe that there are green job openings that no one is applying for? Would you believe the salary range is $44,825 – $82,930? I can’t believe that such a position would have a hard time attracting applicants.

We’ll it’s true. No one has applied so far. Here’s the story. This morning, one of our Everblue LEED Training students called to inform us of the position. She works for the Public Service Commission of South Carolina and, incredibly, they have not had any luck in attracting applicants for a Green Job Opening! The position is for a Senior Consultant to the Public Service Commission and it has been available since January 4th, 2010. Wow!

We agreed to publicize the position to our student base and if YOU are interested in this Columbia, SC position, the information is posted below. If you don’t think you are qualified for the position, I recommend that you take some of our training courses: LEED Training, BPI Training, Solar Training, Carbon Training.

DESCRIPTION OF POSITION: Incumbent will provide the Public Service Commission with advice on electricity-related matters consistent with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Responsible for conducting research and analysis related to energy efficiency, renewable energy, and demand-side management and other electric utility sector issues in order to provide assistance to Commissioners and Staff in these areas. Advise the Commissioners and Staff regarding pending and forseeable electric issues such as smart grid, climate change, renewable portfolio standard, efficiency, and transmission line siting. Provide training to Commission Staff on electric issues when appropriate. Research and monitor state and federal legislation related to energy efficiency, renewable energy, demand-side management, smart grid, climate change, renewable portfolio standard, and transmission line siting.

MINIMUM TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE: Incumbent must have a bachelor's degree and five years professional experience or a master's degree and two years professional experience in the evaluation and implementation of programs in the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency and demand-side management applicable to the electric utility sector. Must have experience applicable to the electric utility sector in rate design or cost-recovery methods and economic evaluation, as well as desired knowledge of analyzing consumer behavior. Must possess strong oral and written communication skills and the ability to work well with a team including persons who have a diversity of backgrounds, disciplines, functional skills and knowledge. Must comply with the provisions of Act No. 175 of 2004. Works independently with limited supervision. Will travel occassionally and work after office hours, when necessary.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Submit a State Government Application for Employment through the SC E-Recruitment System at

For Further Information Contact: Carolyn C. Nelson at (803) 896-5102.