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SRP, one of the nation’s largest public power utilities, is offering a series of rebates for energy efficiency upgrades made to Arizona homes by BPI-certified professionals. Learn more below about rebates up to $400.

For more information about BPI Certification, visit our BPI Energy Auditor overview series.

Audience:  Home Performance Contractors

Location:  Central Arizona


Description:  Homeowners can get an SRP Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Checkup for $99 (a $499 home energy audit value). By participating in the AZHPwES program, contractors can be eligible for additional SRP rebates.


SRP energy savings rebate image


Air-sealing Rebate

Air sealing must meet minimum building ventilation requirements set by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers code 62-89. All materials and installation processes must meet the BPI Building Analyst standards. The home’s existing leakage (before air sealing is completed) must be greater than or equal to 16 air changes per hour to qualify for this rebate.

Rebate Offer: 75% of the cost to seal air leaks (up to $250)


Insulation Rebate

This insulation rebate applies only to attics and is based on the improvement of the insulation’s R-value.

  • Existing insulation with an effective R-value less than R-38 that is improved up to R-30 can qualify for a rebate.
  • Insulation greater than R-19 but performing under this value may qualify for a rebate to improve insulation up to R-38. Evidence of underperformance (e.g., photos and thermal images) and an explanation must accompany the rebate form.
  • This rebate does not cover existing insulation of R-19 or greater or insulation upgrades beyond R-38.

Insulation improvements must be made in combination with air sealing unless documentation proves air sealing is unnecessary. All materials and installation processes must meet BPI Building Analyst standards.

Rebate Offer: 75% of the insulation cost (up to $400)


Duct-sealing Rebate

All materials and installation processes must meet BPI Building Analyst standards.

Rebate Offer: 75% of the cost of qualified duct repairs (up to $400)


For more information about SRP rebates, click here.

If you're not already certified as a BPI Building Analyst, please give us a call at 800-460-2575 or find training near you. Everblue is a BPI Test Center with BPI Building Analyst training courses in Phoenix. We'll get you on the path to qualifying for these rebates!



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