Home Star Energy Bill in the Senate

Fri, 2010-07-23 14:10

As Congress nears its August recess and the end of its session, dynamics in Washington are changing daily. Today there was big news for the Home Star program. Earlier today, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that HOME STAR will be included in a four-part energy bill to be introduced in the coming days. It's the first time Majority Leader Reid has said specifically that HOME STAR will be included in upcoming legislation. Scroll down for his full statement.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has announced that he will be offering a pared down energy bill as early as this week that has an opportunity to pass before Congress adjourns. The proposed legislation would include the Home Star Program.

The bill does not address climate change and is stripped down to three components:

  • The Home Star rebate program
  • BP Gulf Oil Spill Liability
  • Incentives for natural gas vehicles

The time remaining in this session of Congress is short, so it remains to be seen if Senator Reid can secure the needed 60 votes to over ride an expected Republican filibuster.

"This is a BIG deal," said Matt Golden, Efficiency First's Policy Chair. "This bill can pass, and we need to all get behind it for one last push to see HOME STAR through." Majority Leader Reid is on board with HOME STAR, and our industry needs to have his back. Everblue, Efficiency First, BPI, and RESNET are all asking you to make your voice heard on Home Star. Please take a moment today to contact your Senators on this issue.

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