Home Star Now $5 Billion For Energy Retrofits

Mon, 2010-08-02 16:31

Larry Zarker, CEO of BPI, provided an update on the state of the Home Star program which is currently in the Senate. If you have not been following the Home Star program, you should know that the program now sites at $5 Billion in funding for residential energy retrofits. This bill is a residential construction and green energy jobs bill aimed at improving our country’s energy efficiency. The bill calls for two levels of incentives: Silver and Gold.  The Silver Star level provides up to $1000 per home in rebates for a prescriptive checklist of weatherization items that every home could use. The Gold Star Level requires that a home have a thorough Energy Audit (by a BPI Building Analyst) and energy model performed on a home.  For every 5% reduction in energy usage that the home is shown to have the home owner is eligible for a $1000 rebate up to 40% or $8000/home. Wow, that is a lot of money per home.

Home Star is section 30 in a larger bill focused on oil drilling accountability. Unfortunately, it will likely not get introduced onto the floor of the Senate this week which means it will probably not pass before the summer’s end.  This means September is likely the target date for Home Star.  On the plus side, the issues holding up the bill have nothing to do Home Star. They are actually issues with the oil accountability portions of the bill which they have not finished working out.

Of note, the bill specifically calls for all contractors to have BPI Accreditation to perform the work.  The Secretary of Labor can designate other equivalent standards, although only RESNET is probably on par with BPI.  Given that BPI is the only mentioned standard right now, it is likely to be the dominant national standard in the program.  Also, of note, of the “Certified Workforce Requirement” mandates that within 1 year, all contractors must have their workers certified by a nationally recognized weatherization standard.  This requirement is at the request of the Labor Unions which see it as a way to raise the quality work force.  This includes all building envelope retrofits, duct sealing, or other additional skill categories as designated by the Secretary of Labor.

Home Star is still not a given but the chances of passage have increased significantly with support from both the Republicans and Democrats. Prepare today and earn your BPI Certification.

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