How to Land a Green Job

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Are you looking for a Green Job? Have you recently earned a green certification or are you looking to attend training for one? If so, here’s a list of ideas on how to utilize your skills and land a green job.

a. Utilize and advertise your credentials/certifications. Make sure that your Linked In, your email signature block, your resume, and your business cards are all updated.

b. Focus on combining your existing background to the topics that we are learning. No one is just a LEED GA or LEED AP! Everyone is a contractor + LEED AP, Chemical Engineer + LEED GA, Purchasing Agent + LEED GA, Civil Engineer + LEED AP, etc. One caveat to this is that you should not limit yourself to specific jobs titles. Think outside the box and think creatively about how to apply your skills and certifications.

c. Remember that there are few pure “green jobs”, however, every job will eventually become a “greener job.” When looking for a promotion or a job remember to think about and explain how you can utilize your knowledge about LEED to make whatever job or position more sustainability.

d. There are almost no existing experts. We frequently get contacted by companies or government agencies with available job positions – remarkably, they come to us because they are having trouble filling the position. One of the major reasons is that the job descriptions seem to be very exclusive and call for only the foremost experts to apply. Well, the reality is that when it comes to sustainability jobs, there are few existing experts. The moral here is don’t rule out applying for a sustainability related job just because they list extremely stringent criteria, convince them of your passion.

e. Network with your professional association. Maybe take on the responsibility of making the association more sustainable which can help you become individually known.

f. Try to network your way into an introduction with a company or companies. If you learn about a green roof or a solar installation, ask for a tour of facilities or an internship as a way to get inside a company. Many companies are happy to provide tours of their green features.

g. Create a job for yourself. Do you know anyone in a small business? See if you can create an opportunity as a consultant or as a salesperson for new services that extend the existing business.

h. Start your own company. Do you have the skills to become a consultant or to develop a new service in the field?

If you have any Green Jobs tips or ideas leave a comment below. You can also call us at 800-460-2575!

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