How to Support the Troops

Wed, 2009-09-23 23:50

Bill Murphy Jr. wrote an op-ed on how to support the troops that's available in the online version of The Atlantic (10/08). In the article, he quotes one of Everblue's initial founders, Chris Boggiano:

And sacrifice. “If we didn’t need oil anymore,” one captain wrote, “then we wouldn’t have to fight wars to secure it. We could just stop caring about places like Iraq - kind of like we do with lots of other countries around the world (especially the ones in Africa). So, if I could ask folks to make a real sacrifice for the troops, I would ask them to use less energy. Buy a more fuel-efficient car. Put more insulation in their house. Turn lights off. Live closer to where they work so they won’t have to commute so far. Use mass transit even though it’s inconvenient.”

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