Illinois Rebates for BPI Building Analysts

Last Updated:
Thu, 2017-11-09 14:44

The Illinois Energy and Recycling Office at the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity has allocated rebate funds for energy efficiency training and testing.

Rebates up to $750 are available to home performance contractors who took a BPI training course and earned a BPI Certification any time between June 1, 2016 and May 31, 2017.

Enroll in BPI Training and Qualify for Cash Back

If BPI is a new acronym for you and you think you’d like to start a career in home performance and energy auditing, begin learning about the nationally recognized program with our BPI Energy Auditor Overview series. There we’ll discuss what BPI is, the benefits of BPI Certification, and how you can get certified in one week.

We administer the written and field certification exams at the end of the week so you can begin working as a certified energy auditor faster. Start your energy auditing career with cash back and support from the Illinois Home Performance program!

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The Illinois Home Performance rebates are only available if all the following criteria has been met:

  • The course occurred between June 1st, 2016 and May 31st, 2017
  • The student paid out of pocket at least $250 per certification
  • The course consisted of at least 4 days in the classroom with a live instructor
  • The course consisted of at least 2 days in the field with a live instructor
  • The instructor is available to be reached via phone for at least 2 months following the completion of the course to answer building science related questions
  • The course took place in Illinois
  • The student receiving the rebate is a resident of Illinois and a customer of at least one of the following Illinois utilities: Ameren Illinois (electricity), Ameren Illinois (gas), ComEd, Nicor Gas, Peoples Gas, or North Shore Gas.

Rebates are available to individuals who have earned one or more of these certifications:

Eligible candidates must submit proof of course enrollment, such as a receipt showing the training fee. The rebate can be awarded to students who have paid (or their company paid) at least $250 out of pocket.

For more information about the BPI certification rebate, or to reserve your rebate funds, please visit the Illinois Home Performance website.

To get started with BPI training, give us a call at 800-460-2575 and we’ll get you in an upcoming course!