LEED Corporate Training

Thu, 2009-09-24 01:42

Everblue Energy hosts LEED Exam Prep courses in over 65 locations, both foreign and domestic, but sometimes it’s more convenient for a company to arrange an in-house LEED training session.

Our instructors will come to your location, on your schedule, and teach exactly what you need to get your employees ready to pass the LEED exam. With groups, it usually makes more sense to send one instructor to your company rather than arranging for a group of employees to travel to an off-site location for training.

We save you the hassle of having to make transportation arrangements or paying for employee travel. Simultaneously, we offer reduced group rates for an affordable and effective method of preparing your workforce to pass the LEED exam.

Everblue's corporate training courses are eligible for HSW credit, and self-reporting to AIA/CES Records is availabile. Call us at 800-460-2575 to speak with a representative about arranging your firm’s in-house training.

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