Innovation Breeds Energy Efficiency

Thu, 2012-04-05 09:36

If you look at the most innovative companies, they are usually the most eco-friendly. There’s something about innovation that breeds energy efficient practices. It’s as if individuals are thinking outside the box about new ways to do the same work, and that leads to efficiency. I think we’re onto something!

One example of this comes from General Growth Properties, a real estate investment trust based in Chicago, IL. The company owns and manages shopping malls throughout the United States.

General Growth Properties logoSomeone at GGP had the innovative idea to change the working hours for the cleaning crews at the shopping malls, with the intent of saving energy. Instead of beginning their shifts in the evening, cleaning crews were asked to move their shifts to early in the morning. This way, the facility owners did not need to run the lights all night. There was sufficient lighting early in the morning to make for an appropriate work environment for the cleaning crews. The individuals were doing the exact same work, but the process was changed in order to save energy.

Personal behaviors like this affect the overall image of an organization and its commitment to energy efficiency. Stakeholders respect these innovative decisions - no matter how small they appear to be - because they work toward a reputable goal.

There are numerous examples to be had where business professionals chose the innovative route to implement positive change. Often times, sustainable business practices come about when that creative employee with the daring idea challenges the status quo.

At Everblue, we encourage individuals from all walks of life to embrace sustainability and energy efficiency. Regardless of what your job is, energy efficiency affects the way you live. As an informed and passionate individual, you have the power to implement positive change in your social, cultural, and occupational environments.

Become a Certified Sustainability Manager, and use your creativity to breed innovative ideas. Your idea could save your organization thousands, or millions, of dollars! Learn more on our ISSP Sustainability Associate page.

By Lesley Cowie

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