IREC-ISPQ Standards Revision Update

Wed, 2013-06-26 08:08

We participate in lengthy conference calls twice a week, but no one complains. As a matter of fact, everyone on the Interstate Renewable Energy Council’s (IREC) ISPQ Working Group is happy to make time for this work. IREC, a nationally recognized leader in renewable and energy efficiency workforce education accreditation, has put together a group comprised of trainers, program administrators, and industry professionals to revise and update their IREC – ISPQ International Standard 01022:2011. I was fortunate and pleased to be asked to be a part of this group. Our group, which represents energy efficiency and renewable energy sectors, has made steady progress since starting on this very challenging task in February 2013.

Our Goal

The over-arching purpose of the IREC ISPQ Working Group is to take an already excellent and effective standard and raise the bar to create an even more meaningful and rigorous standard for both training programs and instructors. The process started with a two-day, in-person meeting in Boston back in February. Since then, there have been weekly calls and lots of emails discussing this work. Every member of this group is a dedicated professional who works with and sees the efforts of trained professionals on a daily basis. We are all committed to providing world-class training that promotes consumer and practitioner safety.

About the ISPQ Standard

The ISPQ Standard was first developed in the mid-1990s by a team of passionate renewable energy professionals. IREC became the North American Licensee for the IREC ISPQ Standard in 2005. In 2011, IREC purchased the Standard and continues to license it to the international community. Taking a closer look at the details shows we are actually reviewing two standards: one for training providers and one for instructors. For both accredited training providers and certified instructors, the Standard identifies requirements for competency, quality systems, resources, and qualification of a curriculum by which they are evaluated.

Stay Tuned!

This important and rewarding work has not been easy, nor are we finished yet. We still have several calls and much discussion left to clarify some terms and capture the last of the many excellent suggestions that have been made. Once we’ve concluded the first stage of the process, the draft will be offered out for public comment. After this, we’ll pick back up with our weekly calls to incorporate the suggestions from the public. So, sometime early this fall, keep on the lookout for the newly revised and updated IREC – ISPQ International Standard 01022:2011.

By Glenn Mauney


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