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Chris Boggiano, a West Point officer and Iraq war veteran, served with the Army for five years reaching the rank of Captain and earned the Bronze Star with Valor for his actions in combat. His military assignments in Europe exposed him to countries well versed in sustainable building practices. Upon transition from the Army, Chris identified our country’s need for greater energy efficiency, saying that "In Europe, bike trails go everywhere and so do the trains. Who needs long commutes when workers can safely exercise while on their way to work or read the paper on the local train?”

Armed with his West Point engineering background and his experiences overseas, Chris recognized the benefits of changing our nation’s habits as a way to continue his service to the country. Understanding how much we can reduce our energy consumption with better building practices, Chris has focused on two emerging sustainable building standards: the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and the Department of Energy’s ENERGY STAR Home standards. 

The LEED and ENERGY STAR Home standards are the world’s leading certification systems for sustainable architecture. They represent a leap forward for sustainable building with endless benefits over traditional residential and commercial designs. Beyond protecting the environment, they significantly reduce operating costs and improve occupant health and comfort. Additionally, the improved structural integrity results in an increased building longevity.

Believing that change starts with education, Chris’ company, Everblue Energy Inc., offers in-house training and open-enrollment courses to building industry professionals. Chris, a LEED Accredited Professional and HERS Rater, has assembled a team of building industry professionals to consult for and train architects, engineers, attorneys, builders, developers, and contractors, amongst others on the latest green building standards. By training industry professionals to attain the LEED AP certification, Everblue promotes sustainable building.

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