LEED and Sustainability Training in 2015

Tue, 2015-01-27 15:31

Sustainability has grown from a perspective shared by environmentalists only to a recognized behavior shared by professionals across many industries. There are a number of factors that have contributed to this growth in adoption. It started with benefits such as public appeal, marketability, and reduced business risk. As these professionals implemented sustainable features and activities in their organizations, they started to see tangible benefits – greater efficiency, less waste, improved sales, better employee recruitment and retention, etc. So what’s to come in 2015?

Since the majority of sustainability professionals surveyed expressed an interest in an official certification, the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) has announced that it will be launching such a program this year. The conversation is very much in motion already, with exam applications scheduled to be released in late February and beta testing to begin in March. The official ISSP certification exams are slated to debut in November 2015, but rumor has it that the process will be ironed out and ready to go by summertime.

ISSP Sustainability CertificationHere at Everblue, we too are already preparing for the launch of the ISSP certification program. Our president is a member of the ISSP certification committee and will be working with a team of professionals to ensure that the deadlines above are met. We’ll be doing our best to release information as we hear about it, so please do check back with us and be aware that ISSP-related information will be constantly evolving over the next 11 months. In fact, we may already have an update regarding ISSP-SA eligibility.

We first publicized the ISSP certification eligibility requirements in early January. In the last three weeks, it seems the prerequisites for the entry-level ISSP Sustainability Associate certification have been loosened. ISSP has dismissed the requirements of submitting educational transcripts and submitting a personal essay or statement of purpose. ISSP-SA candidates now must simply pay an application fee, sign the Code of Ethics Declaration, and pass the certification exam. We’ll see if anything else changes between now and November (I’m sure things will) - so please keep checking in with us for the latest information!

LEED v4 TrainingWe recently launched the new and improved LEED AP Operations and Maintenance curriculum for the Version 4 standard. This was a project that we had been contracted to complete for the U.S. Green Building Council. The standard-bearing organization announced an RFP in summer 2014 for a training provider to create LEED v4 training on behalf to the USGBC. We were very excited to be selected by the USGBC to win this opportunity. The RFP requested cutting-edge online training for LEED Green Associate, LEED AP Building Design and Construction, and LEED AP Operations and Maintenance. Everblue’s curriculum team worked diligently to release these three programs closely after the launch of LEED Version 4. We presented a sample of the LEED Green Associate and LEED AP BD+C curriculum at the Greenbuild Conference in November. We completed LEED AP O+M a month later! Now with these huge LEED-related projects out of the way, our curriculum team is hungry and ready to pounce on the ISSP Professional Sustainability Certification program! You’ll start to see some live and online training dates for ISSP Sustainability Associate and ISSP Certified Sustainability Professional on our website very soon.

Sustainability is an ever-changing and ever-growing industry. You can rest assured that we’re keeping up with all the news so that we can provide you with the most current and relevant training in the industry!

By Lesley Cowie



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