LEED AP Training Paid for by Delmarva Power

Thu, 2015-05-14 09:46

Last Updated: 2017-04-20 02:56

The Pepco C&I Energy Savings Program was created to help building owners improve efficiencies and reduce long-term energy costs and operating expenses. Pepco recognizes the value in improving operations and maintenance practices as a means of improving the energy efficiency of a building. The Pepco C&I Energy Savings Program includes several cash incentives for existing building projects, small businesses, new construction and major renovation projects, and combined heat and power projects.

Pepco and Delmarva Power partnership for energy savings

We were delighted to see that these incentives were approved and that one specific incentive program encouraged facility managers to seek LEED AP Operations + Maintenance training.

Cash Incentive for LEED AP EBOM Training

The Operations & Maintenance training incentive provides partial reimbursement for training enrollment and/or tuition costs for building operation personnel that support facilities in Maryland. Each approved applicant is eligible to receive a cash incentive of 80% up to a maximum of $1,000 of enrollment costs, per course. Additional costs such as travel, food, lodging, test fees, and materials will not be considered. Thankfully, Everblue’s LEED AP training ranges from $199-$649, so our tuition is well within the maximum.

Participation Criteria

Qualified applicants for the free LEED AP training must meet the following criteria:

  • Assigned to work at a commercial and/or industrial facility within the Pepco Maryland territory and be present at that facility at least 50% of their working hours.
  • This individual must be employed in a position where he/she is responsible for the energy management of the facility or has the potential to influence the building’s energy performance.

Delmarva Power lists a series of courses that have been pre-approved to qualify. The following Everblue training courses are among those listed:

LEED AP Operations + Maintenance

LEED AP Building Design + Construction

Candidates should apply for approval prior to course enrollment to confirm their acceptance into the incentive program.

Everblue offers live and online LEED AP training with an operations and maintenance focus. Our exam prep training perfectly aligns with the Pepco C&I Energy Savings program. Get your LEED AP training today. Call 800-460-2575 or start a live chat to continue the conversation with us and find a training course near you!