LEED CMP Deadline For LEED APs

Tue, 2011-05-10 13:17

This summer is the deadline for all LEED APs to enroll in and complete their LEED Credential Maintenance. While thousands of LEED APs have already chosen their LEED AP specialty, many thousands have not. In fact, I’m one of them.

Yesterday I got an email this weekend from the GBCI reminding me that I only have two months to “opt into” the new LEED credential maintenance program. I will opt-in to the LEED AP Building Design + Construction specialty and I will report my LEED CMP hours, however, I am also conducting a test. I am waiting to see how many reminder emails I get in the meantime (warning: this test is not recommended for the average person).

As a legacy LEED AP (ie I passed the LEED exam prior to June 2009), I can choose to retain my legacy LEED AP status and I will forever be able to call myself a LEED AP. HOWEVER, the standards keep innovating and since I am part of the building industry, I am expected to have the LEED AP with Specialty. If you are in any way involved with building, construction, or maintenance I would recommend “opting in”. “Opting in” is pretty easy and you get to pick the specialty that you desire. If you choose to opt-out and then change your mind, it will be painful to have to retest and repay the testing fees in the future.

Here’s the letter I received from the GBCI, I wonder how many I will get before 08/07?

Dear Jonathan,
Your window for enrolling in a LEED AP with specialty credential closes on 08/07/2011.
Enrollment enables LEED APs to transition to a LEED AP with specialty credential for Building Design + Construction, Interior Design + Construction, or Operations + Maintenance at no cost. The specialty credentials highlight not only specialization in your area of practice but also your commitment to staying current with green building and LEED. To earn a LEED AP with specialty credential after your enrollment window closes, you will need to meet the eligibility requirements, pay all applicable fees, and take the full exam.

If you opt-in and want the simplest program available to earn your LEED CMP Hours, register for Everblue’s LEED CMP Program.