LEED Project Experience Program Kicks Off

Mon, 2011-05-02 15:02

Students met for the first time this week to kick off Everblue’s LEED Project Experience Internship Program to learn about the LEED project process. As the program coordinator, I find this exciting because so few people really know how LEED Online works and what LEED project documentation is all about. It’s remarkable in some ways how easy it is and yet how challenging the LEED Online system can be.

This LEED internship experience gives students first-hand experience working on a LEED for New Construction project and learning how to use LEED Online. My participants are learning how to do fundamental LEED calculations like figuring out a building’s full-time equivalence (FTE) count, determining and comparing baseline numbers with design case figures as well as what kind of resources are available to help document credits and find materials for their projects. Students with diverse backgrounds- ranging from engineers, architects, construction managers and interior designers to materials experts and people making career changes into the high performance building field are collaborating and sharing their expertise to help document the credits that will enable the project building to earn LEED certification.

My hope is that this program will make the participants less afraid of the LEED project process and more willing to advocate for LEED and to actually implement LEED Certifications on their current and future building projects. If you are interest in joining Everblue next LEED Project Experience project, visit the LEED Project Experience Program page for more information.

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