Live Sustainability Training: What to Expect

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Fri, 2018-04-20 09:41

Do you remember the good ol’ days of actually having a summer BREAK? Man, do I miss that time off. Nowadays, the closest thing to time off – other than an actual vacation – is going to a conference or another work-related event. With these types of opportunities, you’re still technically working, but you get a little break from your daily responsibilities.

This is one of the benefits of live sustainability training.

At Everblue, we have live sustainability training courses that range from 1-5 days. This is time YOU can spend “working” while also being out of the office! During these courses, you’ll gain important knowledge and technical skills that will benefit your career. You will also be given opportunities to network with the other participants and perhaps gain referrals and/or new clients.

When you enroll in a live class, you can expect:

  • spacious, well-lit classrooms with Wi-Fi and access to mass transit
  • hands-on field experience with industry equipment
  • rousing discussions with like-minded individuals and an experienced instructor
  • bathroom and snack breaks throughout the day
  • one hour lunch break

What to bring to class:

  • a writing utensil (pen, pencil)
  • business cards
  • a good attitude

Although we will supply a physical course outline for note-taking, participants are welcome to bring their laptop for additional notes.

Here are a few photos from our live, in-person classes...

LEED Exam Prep

LEED training Puerto Rico

BPI & RESNET Energy Auditor Courses

BPI blower door training

Solar Panel Installation Training

solar training Charlotte

Those attending our in-person sustainability training will also gain access to an online course portal containing supplemental course materials. Participants will have access to this course portal for one year from the time of their registration. Users will receive an automated email from the Everblue cart system with their unique username and password for logging into the course portal. Passwords can be reset by calling Everblue staff at 877-753-0853 or initiating a live chat on our website.

Everblue staff will always send a reminder email a week prior to the course start date. This email contains a reminder of the course start times, detailed information about the venue and parking, course schedule, and the instructor's contact information.

Our in-person sustainability training courses are available in many locations across the country. To find the nearest location to you, please visit our Locations page here:



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