NABCEP Releases Solar Thermal Learning Objectives

Sat, 2011-01-29 15:34

Solar enthusiasts, the wait is over! NABCEP has recently released Entry Level Solar Thermal Learning Objectives and an exam blueprint for its new Solar Thermal Entry Level Knowledge Assessment program. The Learning Objectives, which were developed by a volunteer committee of Solar Thermal Industry practitioners and educators, are focused on ensuring that students will be able to demonstrate fundamental Solar Thermal knowledge. The knowledge assessment that is being developed by NABCEP according to the newly published blueprint will test students on their ability to solve generic, basic problems applicable to commonly installed Solar Thermal (ST) systems in North America.

So what does this mean for the solar industry?

Bill Guiney, Chairperson of the Technical Committee that developed these Learning Objectives says, "We are excited to release this document because it will assist renewable energy educators in developing curriculum for entry level solar thermal programs. These programs are critical to supplying new workers for our industry, which is experiencing record growth rates." Programs such as Everblue's Solar PV Bootcamp are fundamental in establishing a baseline of knowledge to enter or advance in the growing solar industry.

There are six topic areas covered by the new Learning Objectives. They are: Conducting a site analysis; Indentifying ST safety practices, standards, codes and certification(s); Indentifying systems for specific climates and applications; Identifying proper operation and installation methods; Identifying proper use of balance-of-system components and materials; and Indentifying common ST maintenance items.

NABCEP expects the first round of examinations based on the Learning Objectives to be available in the late spring of 2011. Educators and others interested in seeing the full set of Learning Objectives are invited to visit NABCEP's website at

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