NATE Certification Eligible for BPI Accreditation

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Fri, 2014-04-04 11:04

On March 29th of this year, the Building Performance Institute (BPI) announced that it will now accept NATE Certification as one of the eligibility options for accreditation of HVAC contractors.

Previously, to become a BPI Accredited Contractor, one would have had to earn the entry-level BPI Building Analyst Certification, as well as one other advanced BPI credential. The most popular track for achieving this status has been for individuals to become BPI Building Analysts and BPI Envelope Professionals. Everblue largely contributed to this trend when it introduced the revolutionary combination-learning track that included training for BPI Building Analyst and BPI Envelope Professional in the same one-week training program.

The New Requirements

Now, to become an accredited contractor, one must still achieve the BPI Building Analyst certification, but he/she may also pursue a NATE Certification. NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence and is the leading organization for technicians in the world of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration. This partnership is particularly special because NATE is an ANSI-accredited certification organization. BPI is also working its way toward ANSI accreditation.

Why Has NATE Certification Been Included?

There is certainly some crossover in the subject matter expertise demonstrated by both BPI certified technicians and NATE certified technicians. An accredited individual holding both BPI and NATE certifications would have a robust background in residential energy auditing, indoor air quality, combustion safety, comfort, and technical installation and maintenance.

Don Frendberg, chairman of the NATE Board of Trustees, notes that NATE Certification validates the skills and knowledge of HVACR technicians, making them a valuable asset to any contractor’s staff. The addition of NATE Certification to the BPI Accreditation process, therefore, adds strength to an individual’s skillset and makes him/her more marketable in the industry.

We are very excited and proud to have a position in this process. Everblue is the market leader for training related to BPI Certification, and we have seen tremendous growth and success in our NATE Certification courses. The partnership between BPI and NATE not only makes sense for their two organizations, but definitely propels the industry further by encouraging individuals to become well-rounded. Although there are already 30,000 individuals holding a NATE Certification today, we fully expect to see more growth in this area, as BPI continues to push states to recognize BPI Accreditation as part of their energy audit-related licensures.

By Lesley Cowie

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