Obama Pitches Home Star & Outlook for "Cap-and-Trade"

Wed, 2010-03-03 16:47

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 1.      President Obama Pitches Home Star in GA – During a tour of a training facility at the SavannahTechnicalCollege in Savannah, GA today, President Obama promoted the Home Star proposal as a means to create jobs and help Americans save money on energy costs. He reviewed the basic details of the proposal and said he looks forward to continuing to work with the Congress and business, labor, and environmental leaders to help it pass. The Administration is publicizing that Home Star could create thousands of jobs and help up to 3 million households save $200 to $500 per year on energy bills. The press release is attached.

2.      Major Milestone Reached in Business Support for Climate & Energy Legislation– The American Businesses for a Clean Economy (ABCE) showcases business support for the passage of climate and clean energy legislation. It is intended to be the premier repository for Congress, the media, and others to use to quickly gauge the business support nationwide for climate and energy legislation. ABCE today announced that it has reached over 2,300 registered companies. Registering is simple and requires nothing more than listing your business as a supporter on their website. Register today at http://www.americanbusinessforcleanenergy.org/ The National SAVE Energy Coalition reaches out to over 4,000 businesses, and we hope that many of you decide to list your company, if you haven’t already. 


3.      Expect Hybrid Cap-and-Trade Bill from Kerry, Graham, & Lieberman – In recent days it has become increasingly clear that a climate bill from the Senate will not contain an economy-wide cap-and-trade program like that passed by the House of Representatives in 2009. Over the past few months, the concept has been disparaged as “cap-and-tax” and opposed to such a degree that it is essentially politically unpalatable. Even Senator Graham, working with Senators Kerry and Lieberman to craft a compromise climate bill, acknowledged last week that “cap-and-trade as we know it is dead.” “As we know it,” however, simply means a cap-and-trade system that covers the entire economy. Many believe that the Senators’ climate bill will require different restrictions on different parts of the economy, with cap-and-trade included only for certain sectors. For example: a cap-and-trade system for utilities and a carbon tax on gasoline. Please see the attached Reuters article for a short, detailed discussion of possible scenarios. Such a hybrid system will have interesting repercussions for the clean energy industry, and we will provide a full analysis of the bill when released.


4.      Timing of Kerry, Graham, Lieberman Bill – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has told the three Senators that in order for a climate bill to pass in 2010, they must release a their bill as soon as possible. The Senators may circulate a draft among other Senate offices as early as this week, although the Kerry office maintains a public bill is still a few weeks away. The Senators have said their bill will not have 60 votes immediately, but believe that it will come close and will act as a viable starting point.

Resources for Action – We have state-specific information on our Take Action page to help you get in touch with your Senator. These include pre-written emails, faxes, and phone call talking points. Please get familiar with these. We plan to launch a wave of calls and emails in support of Home Star and climate and energy legislation and we’d love to have you participate. We also have recordings of our 3 climate and energy webinars on our Resources page. The fourth and most recent webinar is posted on the home page and discusses the current outlook for climate and energy legislation.

Become a National SAVE Energy Coalition Member! - There is no cost. Just email Patrick.Roche@csgrp.com your organization name, whether the organization should be listed as national or local/regional, website, and your contact information (name, title, phone number, and e-mail address). We’ll put your company name a link to your website on our ‘Members page.

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