Penn State Strategic Plan in Development

Tue, 2011-10-25 14:07

To show their commitment to sustainability, and to best prepare their students for the real world, Penn State University has decided to develop a five-goal strategic plan.

Although the university is only in its preliminary drafting stage, the University Sustainability Council is considering the following goals:

- Define specific sustainability competencies and credentials that will be pursued by campus individuals

- Develop academic and co-curricular programs designed to cultivate specific sustainability competencies

- Encourage experiential learning that provides students with hands-on opportunities

- Enhance existing courses (particularly General Education courses) to embed concepts, challenges and case studies of sustainability

- Create programs and policies that recognize, support, and reward interdisciplinary teaching and learning

- Provide faculty training and development opportunities around teaching sustainability through the curriculum

Students on campus support the decision, requesting more sustainability instruction. It is well known that green jobs are of high interest and that employers are looking for knowledgeable graduates who truly have the ability to make a difference within a company or industry.

In the last year, Penn State introduced its first sustainability-related curriculum. This year, the university will offer an intercollegiate minor in sustainability leadership to students in any major who wish to integrate social, economic, and environmental concepts of sustainability into their degree program.

The University Sustainability Council is accepting public input during the drafting process. This fall, town hall meetings will be held at each Penn State location to give individuals an opportunity to offer suggestions toward the strategic plan.

As an organization devoted to sustainability education, Everblue is excited to work with Penn State University to offer training and to share ideas. It’s clear that sustainability is alive and on the minds of many. We are excited to see so much passion and optimism among the college and university communities.

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