Post-LEED Exam Comments

Wed, 2009-09-23 23:55

When I surf around the web, I like to stay abreast of the trends related to LEED Certification and the LEED Exam. One thing that intrigues me is what people blog or write on forums about their experience taking the LEED Exam. Here’s a summary of the comments:


“Passed today with a 173. My last attempt was a 165. This was my second attempt, so just a few notes. The first test had many water credit questions, especially water reduction (flush rates, etc.). But the one I took today was much harder and had questions I had never seen before. It had only 2 WE3 questions, if I am remembering correctly. But many of the questions on the second test were on light trespass and focused on SS8 and EA 8.1 and 8.2. There were also a few on ventilation which I had never encountered before in any of the study material. That really surprised me because I was unprepared for them, even though I was scoring between 88 and 91 on the greenprep exams.

I came to the testing center very confident because I felt I had greatly enhanced my understanding of the material since the first test. I fully expected to pass with 185 or more.

Sadly, the only way to pass this thing is to do what others have suggested. Memorize the whole thing, and then really understand what it means and how the credits interrelate. And the ease of the test is a luck of the draw, so God Speed, work hard, expect the worst.

Thank you all for the helpful discussions, questions and answers. Oh - and to answer an earlier post. I began studing in May, it is now October. I am 51. I am happy to have my life back!"


"I passed today at my first try and got 189 with correct percentage as follows: 89%, 72%, 87%, and 93%. Not an easy test, honestly speaking. You need to really get into the materials if you don’t want to burn money by taking a second time. My study lasted for about two months though I really concentrated on it for two weeks by studying 4 hrs per day (after work - just graduated this summer and started working in a landscape group)."

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