RESNET Announces Education & Training Committee

Last Updated:
Thu, 2017-11-09 15:49


RESNET has formed a new Standard Development Committee 200 – Education and Training (SDC 200). The committee will be tasked with developing and amending all of RESNET’s ANSI and non-ANSI standards pertaining to education, training, assessment and certification. Following RESNET’s procedures for standards, SDC 200 is balanced between producers, users and general interests.

The chairman of SDC 200 is Rob Moody of Organic Think. Its vice chairman is Scott Doyle of EnergyLogic.

Other members of the committee are:

  • Vince DiFrancesco, Everblue Training Institute
  • Doug Donovan, Interplay Energy
  • Amanda Hatherly, Santa Fe Community College
  • Roy Honican, Blue Grass Energy
  • Jessie Krieolavek, American Energy Advisors
  • Robert Lipkins PhD, Consulting Psychometrician
  • Sharla Riead, Accurate Rating Network
  • Bill Spohn, TruTech Tools
  • Layla Thomas, Environments for Living (former Everblue program manager!)

The RESNET SDC 200 will immediately be responsible for all RESNET’s education, training, assessment and certification standard development and amendment activities.