RESNET Combustion Safety Deadline is Near

Last Updated:
Thu, 2017-11-09 15:53

An important deadline is looming for existing HERS Raters. By January 1, 2015, all existing Raters must have passed both the combustion safety written and simulation exams to maintain their certification. If existing Raters do not successfully complete these tasks, they will lose their certification and will not be able to perform home energy ratings as part of their business. This also applies to existing RESNET Rating Field Inspectors.

RESNET LogoIf you earned your HERS certification prior to 2014, then you are one of the candidates who must participate in the combustion safety testing (All RESNET HERS training since 2014 includes the combustion safety concepts). Candidates must sign up for RESNET CAZ and Work Scope Testing through an accredited Rater Training Provider, a status of which Everblue belongs and maintains the highest student ratings.

Existing Raters have two options for completing this requirement:

OPTION 1 – Join a regularly scheduled RESNET HERS Rater training course, specifically on the Wednesday of training. On Wednesdays, we hold hands-on field training at a nearby residence. During this portion of the class, students will learn the RESNET combustion safety standard and practice with diagnostic equipment. We will provide the CAZ written exam on that Friday in a proctored environment.

OPTION 2 – Join a regularly scheduled RESNET CAZ & Workscope course. This hyper-focused training is meant for existing Raters who need to complete only this requirement. Instead of spending two days with this information, our RESNET CAZ students will attend one full day of training that includes the hands-on field work as well as the written exam. This opportunity is available in four key markets: Denver, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, and Raleigh.

The same content will be delivered during both training options. The only difference is your availability (two days versus one day).

ResCaz: A Fun Way to Meet RESNET’s 2015 Deadline

The second part of this requirement is to pass the simulation exam. We do not administer the simulation exam during the training course because we want to give Raters an opportunity to practice with the online interface. But don’t worry – you’ll enjoy practicing because the interface from Interplay Energy is basically a video game! As you’ll see in the brief video below, the ResCaz software acts as first-person video game that helps reinforce combustion safety topics. This ingenious idea turns what could be a humdrum requirement into something Raters want to do! Take a look at this interactive simulation from Stephen Quirk at Interplay.

Once you feel comfortable with the concepts and the software, you will coordinate an exam appointment at your local library where you can be proctored. Many libraries across the country offer this service. You simply have to call and schedule time for the exam.

Remember to complete your RESNET combustion safety requirement by January 1, 2015. With less building outdoors during this time of year and more time inside with family, now is a great time to address and learn RESNET’s combustion safety standard. Give us a call at 800-460-2575 if you have any questions.

By Lesley Cowie