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Thu, 2011-05-19 10:58

Everblue Training Institute is pleased to welcome Jeremiah Jancik as a solar instructor for the Philadelphia area. Jancik has experience in many areas in the solar energy field, including installation, design, and teaching.

Everblue Training Institute is excited to announce the recent hire of Jeremiah Jancik, who joins the company as a solar instructor for the Philadelphia, PA area. Jancik’s experience in solar photovoltaic design, installation, and teaching make him a valuable addition to Everblue’s staff.

“This is an exciting time in solar energy and energy efficiency overall, and I am glad to be a part of it,” Jancik said. “I am eager for the opportunity to teach all that I have learned to others, so they can use the information to inform others, install, or even someday teach the same courses.”

Jancik has held a number of challenging positions in solar energy over the years. A skilled solar panel designer and installer himself, Jancik has also had the opportunity to manage and teach small teams of solar technicians.

“I've had my hand in 20-40 different jobs and have gotten to see what was involved in each situation. Some of the positions have been very challenging, and getting the opportunity to see what can go wrong can be just as valuable an experience as seeing when things go right,” he said.

Beyond his experience managing professionals in the field, Jancik also has experience with students in the classroom setting.

“Teaching math and science was a very rewarding experience, and I learned a lot about how to conduct a class, especially how to present the material in an interesting way,” he said. “The students I taught often had learning and emotional disabilities, so knowing how to keep students interested was not only important, but necessary."

Jancik will use his experience while teaching Everblue’s 40-hour solar bootcamp training course. This course is designed to teach students a curriculum based on the entry level learning objectives of the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). The course includes lessons about electrical and mechanical design, system sizing, safety, and finance. Students who complete the solar bootcamp course are encouraged to further their education with Everblue’s design and installation course, which teaches more in-depth solar engineering and installation practices.

In addition to his field and classroom experience, Jancik holds a marketing degree and is working toward a civil engineering degree. He is a member of Philadelphia’s sustainability community and was recently invited to attend a conference to discuss and encourage sustainability practices in the corporate realm.

For more information, please contact Vince DiFrancesco at 800-460-2575, email or visit the Everblue website at

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