Solar is Shining With Bright New Instructors

Wed, 2011-05-11 14:31

Everblue Energy is excited to announce the recent hire of Charles Picard, who joins the company as a solar instructor for the Providence, RI area. Within this position, Picard will teach intensive 40-hour courses about solar installation, including topics such as technical details and federal and state laws governing the industry.

“The folks at Everblue have quickly established themselves as leaders in the education of the energy efficiency and renewable energy workforce,” Picard said. “The curriculum is comprehensive and would give anyone interested in solar a solid foundation from which to build on.”

Before bringing his talents to Everblue Energy, Picard worked as a field supervisor and lead technician for Hudson Valley Clean Energy in Rhinebeck, NJ. There, Picard worked on-site and facilitated the installation of over 100 residential and commercial solar photovoltaic systems, which total nearly one megawatt (one million watts) of energy. As a result of his experience, Picard was also in charge of training all technicians in photovoltaic installations. Additionally, Picard was responsible for inspecting installed systems in multiple jurisdictions to ensure quality and code-compliance.

“I bring to the company hands-on, practical experience that helps me communicate sometimes complex concepts to folks who don't necessarily have any prior exposure to photovoltaics,” Picard said.

At Everblue, solar courses are designed to give students a comprehensive education regarding solar energy, practices, installation, mechanics, and standards. The curriculum allows students to gain the knowledge necessary to earn both entry-level and installer certification by North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NAPCEP).

Picard’s background combines four years of solar photovoltaic experience with his 10 total years spent in the electrical engineering industry. He is a licensed master electrician, who also holds Occupational Safety and Health Administration certification. His experience, combined with excellent written and verbal communication skills, makes Picard an outstanding resource for students studying solar energy with Everblue.

If you are interested in learning more about residential and commercial solar photovoltaic systems check out our Solar PV Bootcamp page.

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