Solar Installation Quality: Why Solar Training Matters

Mon, 2011-06-13 15:39

 Riding through New Jersey the past week, it is amazing. Solar is now seemingly everywhere. I saw solar panels on rooftops, on pole mounted installations, and even on the telephone poles. In fact, we saw two Solar Contractor trucks while driving down the New Jersey Turnpike. I know that New Jersey is the second most aggressive state (behind California), but it is heart warming to know that progress is being made. We are gaining traction and acceptance. In New Jersey, solar energy is just becoming a fact of life and not something that warrants a special tourist attraction. Just think of how few installations they are around the country and how often the offer tours of their solar installation. Eventually, solar needs to get to the point where it is like running water. No one these days brings people to their how or building to show off their running water (that was so last century).

Anyways, one of the down sides of the solar boom in New Jersey is the intense scrutiny that solar is under. If it does not work as advertised and enough energy is not generated, solar Eeergy risks a backlash. With that in mind, we could not help but notice minor ways installations could have been improved. In the attached picture, the installed solar panel on that pole is under the power lines AND under a tree. The electricity output could be significantly improved by adjusting the installation.

solar panel installed on pole

With solar the remarkable thing is how much even a little bit of shading can drastically reduce power output. All of these telephone pole panels are mounted below the power lines which cast a shadow on the panels. That probably results in a 30-40% reduction in generated electricity. What is the review process or authority to inspcet the quality of design and installation of these systems? Have the technicians been trained? Have the designers been trained on solar?

Would you like to know how to properly install a solar panel or how to design a high-functioning solar system? If you would like to get involved in this rapidly growing field, register for Everblue's advanced Solar PV Training or call us today at 800-460-2575.