Solar Training Leads to Solar Growth

Mon, 2011-11-28 08:49

A new report titled “National Solar Jobs Census 2011: A Review of the Solar Workforce” conducted by the nonprofit trade group, The Solar Foundation, shows massive growth in the solar industry. The study indicates that there are over 100,000 individuals working in the solar industry, and almost half of the 2,100 solar companies surveyed plan to hire more qualified solar professionals in the next 12 months, with a total of 24,000 new solar jobs created.

In order for this plan to come together, there needs to be a unified strategy for building up the solar and renewable energy industries. Andrea Luecke, executive director of the Solar Foundation, noted in a press release that “policymakers, workforce training providers, and the industry must work together to continue creating good jobs for skilled workers.”

In that regard, Everblue believes it all begins at the ground level - that is, we need trained individuals who will expand and grow the green jobs industry to meet prospective goals. To fill 24,000+ new solar jobs, we need skilled and passionate solar professionals. How do you become skilled and knowledgeable about solar energy? It’s simple. You take a solar training class with Everblue.

Everblue Training Institute is the nation’s leading clean energy educator. We train workers on the fundamentals of solar energy, electricity, and safety. Our student population includes individuals from small businesses, large corporations, and government agencies. We are already meeting Leucke’s challenge, working with policymakers and solar experts to further the industry.

You can be a part of this growing green workforce. Everblue’s Entry Level Solar Training course provides the foundation for individuals from all educational and occupational backgrounds who want to become a part of the solar industry.

Upon completion of the Entry Level Solar Training, individuals are encouraged to learn more about solar panel design and installation. Everblue’s advanced Solar PV Installer course provides 40 hours of hands-on solar PV installation work, as well as system maintenance and troubleshooting instruction. This comprehensive and in-depth solar training prepares individuals to become solar professionals and to contribute to the solar industry beyond singular projects.

In order to expand the solar industry, we need skilled workers out there who understand the basis of solar energy and who have a passion for growing the industry. It becomes less about filling job vacancies - while important - and more about influencing positive change in the form of energy independence, a cleaner environment for all, and improved public health.

To learn more about how you can get started with solar, please visit Everblue's solar training page.

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