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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead

Everblue’s success over the years can be attributed to a number of things: high-quality curriculum, superior operations and course delivery, agility in ever-changing industries, etc. But it should be noted that our experienced and passionate instructors truly lie at the heart of it all. A student’s experience with Everblue is largely dependent on the individual we send to class as the representative and subject matter expert. And this is why we hire only the best.

What’s great about our instructors is that they all share a genuine passion for sustainability and are therefore very active in their communities. Everblue’s Senior LEED Instructor, Greg Hamra, is the perfect example of this enthusiastic advocacy. He was kind enough to share some details (and photos) from his recent advocacy escapades…

Lobbying Congress

As the leader of the Miami Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Greg has been working mostly on bridging the partisan divide on climate. In June, he was on Capitol Hill with nearly 900 fellow Citizens’ Climate Lobby members, trying to secure climate commitments from Republican members of Congress. Several of Greg’s meetings included representatives from South Florida who were being moved to take significant steps on climate policy. Many members of Congress were asked to consider a revenue-neutral carbon tax as a solution to the climate crisis. This “carbon fee and dividend” plan was written by George Shultz, who some refer to as President Reagan’s “Secretary of Everything.” The plan has the endorsement of economists, scientists, and conservative analysts. Several of Greg’s meetings resulted Republican representatives committing to seek bipartisan solutions to the threats of climate change. These commitments are meaningful steps toward our Congress addressing this most crucial issue of our lifetime and of future generations.

Climate Lobbyists on Capitol Hill

SLR Symposium

In early August, Greg participated as a panelist at the 3rd Annual Sea Level Rise Symposium in West Palm Beach. Nearly 350 local business and municipal leaders were in attendance, as well as citizens interested in various solutions to the threat of Sea Level Rise and other climate impacts to the region.

Sea Level Rise Symposium

Town Hall Meeting

Greg attended a town hall meeting hosted by Congressman Carlos Curbelo, a freshman Republican representative, who has taken the courageous step to come out on climate change. Mr. Curbelo spoke of his efforts to thwart the impacts of Sea Level Rise and to seek bipartisan solutions. 

The Climate Reality Project with Al Gore

The Climate Reality Project is a non-profit organization involved in education and advocacy related to climate change. Members of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps are front-line agents for change. Having been trained by the organization's Chairman, Al Gore, these agents deliver Climate Reality presentations in schools, homes, places of worship, businesses, and government forums all over the world. Greg has been working with a TCRP Project Manager in anticipation of Miami’s Climate Reality Leadership training in September. In Feb. 2015, Greg and his wife Leisha attended a TCRP event in India and, since then, Greg has assisted the organization with outreach, education, and locating potential speakers. We’re hoping that Greg will be selected as a speaker, so he can discuss a market-based solution to the climate crisis. We’re excited that he has been accepted as a Mentor for the event.

Greg & Leisha at Climate Reality event in India

In its September 2015 newsletter, The Climate Reality Leadership Corp published this feature about Greg (click image below to enlarge):

Climate Change Reality spotlight on Greg Hamra

Greg’s mission is to create as many change-makers as possible. This mission, inspired by his own passion for solving the climate crisis, is why Greg joined Everblue as a LEED Exam Prep instructor in 2008. LEED is the most recognized professional credential in the world of sustainability and focuses on minimizing the effects of climate change. Between Everblue’s LEED training and Greg’s personal advocacy events, it’s safe to say that he has trained thousands of people worldwide on climate science. We are so proud of Greg for the successes he’s seen in educating various populations on climate change and sustainability. He’s a true asset to the Everblue team, and the world! And now for some final thoughts from the man himself:

“Learn how to make the business case to the difficult audiences and to key influencers. Don’t just preach to the choir. It’s the ones who aren’t singing that need to know, and they often wield the most power. Offer them hope, optimism, and most importantly, solutions.” - Greg Hamra, LEED AP BD+C, O+M



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