Summertime Is LEED Time

Fri, 2012-08-03 09:16

When the school year wrapped up this spring, there were several news reports of student protests against tuition hikes and budgets cuts, proving that the budget crisis is raging on for California state schools. Tuition has increased six years in a row, and Cal State University announced plans to freeze enrollment.

summer schoolRising costs and restricted enrollment is a 1-2 punch that could knock out some students’ plans to complete their degree. The problem is not specific to California. Budget crises are causing students across the nation to adjust their plans for post-secondary education. College students are further being challenged by a sluggish economy and highly competitive job market.

What options do students have to continue the forward momentum of their career path and salvage summer study plans? Many are seeking certificate programs that complement their area of study and have the potential to improve job prospects. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Associate classes are an ideal choice. LEED is internationally recognized as a standard in green building, design, and operations. LEED represents a highly sought-after area of expertise, applicable to various professions.

Why does LEED work so well as a summertime pursuit?

Student Discount: The Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI), the organization that administers the LEED exams, offers a discount on exam fees to full-time students.

Time: A LEED Green Associate class can be completed in two days and makes exam preparation more efficient so that accreditation can be earned before the end of the summer.

Networking: Live classes facilitate valuable connections to other like-minded professionals and possible mentors.

Convenience: Classes are offered throughout the summer, in various locations, and can also be scheduled as online webinars. The online option allows for greater flexibility to enjoy summer (sleep in!), while still accomplishing important education and career goals.

Tangible Results: With a passing score on the LEED Green Associate exam, students have something to show for their summer studies in the form of a professional LEED Green Associate credential. Even those who chose not to take the exam right away earn a completion certificate from the LEED Green Associate course, demonstrating a higher commitment to sustainability education.

Immediate Results: Because the LEED Green Associate exam is computerized, the results are immediate. Students end their summer with an immediate step forward in preparation for a career in the green economy.

Green Access: A LEED Green Associate accreditation is an impressive resume credential that gives students a competitive advantage and increases access to the ever-expanding green job market.

Exposure: The LEED Green Associate class offers a high-level overview of sustainable practices in building and operations that could spark an interest and help focus career direction.

Pursuing a LEED Green Associate credential in the summer allows students to feed multiple birds with one seed (an environmentally friendly take on the old adage). Students can invest in their future and continue to learn and grow at their own pace, while still resting and enjoying the perks of summer. Summer is almost over! Make the most of it and check out Everblue’s LEED Training and Certification Courses. Obtain your LEED accreditation and gain a competitive advantage in your career path before returning to school!

By Amy Malloy

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