Sustainability Manager Training: Final Exam Review

Tue, 2012-01-10 11:21

I’m happy to say that I passed the final exam. I scored a 77 on the 100 question, open-book test. Most of the questions, which are pulled from a question bank, are multiple choice. There are a few questions that ask that you select more than one of the given answers. Overall I felt that the questions accurately summarized everything that I learned in the course. I spent 2 nights studying and preparing a cheat sheet so that I could find specific topics and questions quickly. I also went through the rest of the on demand material that was available in my account. I’m very glad that I put in the extra work prior to the exam because I definitely felt like I was prepared. I ended up using the entire 2 hours that was given to me and was able to quickly double check a few questions that I was unsure of before I submitted my exam. Fortunately, I was immediately told my score and was sent to a form that I filled out for my certificate.

My feedback includes providing the answers to the questions that I got wrong so that I can see what I missed. I would also recommend adding a summary at the end of the exam that groups the questions into categories so that I can figure out if there are certain principles that I missed completely or if the questions that I answered incorrectly were more sporadic. Overall I felt like this was a great course to take for folks who are interested in Sustainability and I want to extend a big thanks to Jon and his team for time and the opportunity to review.

Ben Lack, The Daily Energy Report


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